F5 uses tCPAnalyser to test performance in a global environment

Through the tCPAnalyser SaaS solution developed by COCUS, test routines are automated and standardised to enable reproducible and reliable comparisons.


F5, which is a company specializing in application delivery networking and application security, makes apps faster, smarter and more secure. The global company enables its customers to build infrastructures without compromising speed and control. To ensure and validate high network performance at all times, F5 uses the tCPAnalyser SaaS solution from COCUS to perform and document performance tests worldwide.


COCUS tCPAnalyser
SaaS solution for global performance testing


Automation of test routines for reproducible results


Documentation and validation through end-to-end network performance tool

The Project

Uniform and reproducible test routines are indispensable

Regular measurements and test procedures are required for all applications and services to enable comparable
and uniform performance results and to uncover optimization potential. Especially global improvement measures require comparison possibilities under identical conditions, such as simultaneous and reproducible test runs before and after implementations.
This process and its documentation and verification requires a large amount of manual work from numerous resources.

Global measures in particular require identical test conditions.

F5 uses tCPAnalyser to test performance in a global environment

F5 uses tCPAnalyser to test performance in the global environment

Challenge & Implementation

Stable network performance for the complex and global environment

F5 use the COCUS tCPAnalyser SaaS solution as an end-to-end network performance tool to implement customer-specific test programmes and performance benchmarks and
to uncover optimisation potential in documents.

The connection servers around the world thereby enable worldwide real-time measurements between customers and target systems, without additional effort and support the global activities and services of F5.

tCPA examples

With tCPAnalyser, F5 has automated its test routines and obtains standardised, reproducible and, above all, reliable comparison options. This reduces manual intervention, supports business processes and creates new opportunities for F5 customers and strengthens customer relationships.


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F5, Inc. is an American company specialising in application delivery and application security networking. F5 is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with additional engineering, manufacturing and administrative offices worldwide.

Together we will also realize your next project!


Together we will also realize your next project!


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