Sportbund Pfalz uses Inscribe for secure contact tracking

The Sportbund Pfalz has been a partner of clubs and associations for over 70 years. To ensure that all participants in sporting activities are protected in the best possible way in times of Corona, the Sports Association, as the umbrella organisation of sports in the Palatinate, with its headquarters in Kaiserslautern, supports the clubs with a comprehensive Corona service covering all aspects of club life at As a brand new feature, he offers his clubs a digital attendance list called Inscribe for contact tracking.

Inscribe digital solution a hit for contact tracking

Distance rules, mandatory masks and hygiene rules are already part of everyday life for the sports federation and its members. With the new digital attendance list inscribe, the hygiene concepts are now extended by a digital component – and even in the Sports Federation’s own branding. The digital solution inscribe acts as an attendance register and offers clubs the possibility to quickly and easily identify potential contacts in case of infection in order to break infection chains. This is made possible by individual QR codes that each club can create for itself. The QR codes will then be displayed at the entrance areas of the respective sports facilities. Visitors can scan the QR code using their own smartphone and the camera function and will be directed to the registration form. There, the personal data is recorded and stored in accordance with data protection regulations. People from one household can check in together by adding more people to the form. Publicly displayed lists, disinfection of pens, manual sorting by date and time as well as storage of documents are eliminated by using the digital list, thus saving time and resources.

"The digital QR code solution helps our clubs a lot. It can be used by visitors to a sports facility or event without downloading on devices of any operating system. Especially in these challenging Corona times, such a simple digital solution is a real relief and enrichment."

Martin Schwarzweller, Managing Director Sportbund Pfalz

"Die digitale QR-Code-Lösung hilft unseren Vereinen sehr. Sie kann von den Besuchern einer Sportstätte oder einer Veranstaltung ohne Download auf Geräten mit beliebigen Betriebssystemen genutzt werden. Gerade in diesen herausfordernden Corona-Zeiten ist eine solch einfache digitale Lösung eine echte Erleichterung und Bereicherung."

Martin Schwarzweller, Geschäftsführer Sportbund Pfalz

When leaving the sports facilities, people can check out on the digital attendance list. This creates precise time windows, which can be helpful in assessing the potential for infection. In the event of an infection, the data protection officer of the association can forward the list with contact details of persons present to the public health department with the help of a special verification key. The data is kept encrypted and can only be accessed with a private access key. After the prescribed retention period of 30 days, all data is automatically deleted. This reduces the administrative burden of collecting and destroying personal data to a minimum. No one else, not even COCUS AG as the operator of the digital solution, has access to the stored data of the persons. The use of inscribe is therefore compliant with data protection laws and protects participants not only from the potential for infection through unknown chains of infection, but also from the misuse of personal data.

We look forward to a bit of normality in sport! With the help of inscribe.

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About the Sportbund Pfalz

The Sportbund Pfalz is the umbrella organisation of sport in the Palatinate with 61 professional associations, more than 2,000 clubs and over 480,000 members. The tasks include, in particular, training and further education in the areas of sports practice, club management and sports youth. In addition, the Sportbund Pfalz offers numerous other services in the areas of sports facility construction, insurance, public relations and digitalisation for its members in order to support them in their daily work in the sports club or association in the best possible way.

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