TUI relies on blockchain for hotel inventory in the future - and on COCUS

Through blockchain and secure smart contracts for optimal hotel capacity utilisation and cross-border management.


As the world’s leading tourism group and Europe’s largest tourism company, the TUI Group combines travel agencies with online portals, agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and tour operators. With the introduction of the BedSwap digital solution, TUI Group is taking the path of the digitized- and blockchain-based future, flexibly managing hotel capacity across markets to enable 100 percent hotel bed occupancy. COCUS has been a strategic IT service provider of the TUI Group since 2016.


Simplification of cross-market transaction processes


Transparent, automated and secure processes through blockchain infrastructure


Optimal and higher bed occupancy through smart contracts

The Project

Capacity utilisation is critical to the business

The TUI Group currently owns 380 hotels with 239,000 beds in around 30 countries. To achieve better utilisation, the individual countries trade their purchased quotas. For example, if beds that have already been purchased in a particular market are not yet occupied, these beds can be transferred to another source market. Until now, this required a lot of staff, manual processes and several intermediate instances.


Challenge & Implementation

Management of hotel inventory in the blockchain in future


TUI & COCUS Blockchain Lab Innovation Award

In order to manage hotel capacity more flexibly across markets and optimize utilization, TUI Group has been working with COCUS since 2017 on the BedSwap solution, which is designed to enable TUI to achieve 100 percent utilization of hotel beds and simplify cross-country transaction processes.

As before, each national company secures its own hotel allotments. If the demand in a market is lower than expected, then the
the hotel contingents can now be traded quickly and easily directly between the markets. This is made possible by the use of blockchain technology, which enables transparent, automated and secure processes without intermediate instances. So-called smart contracts can achieve significantly higher bed occupancy rates.

The introduction of blockchain took place via individual business-critical processes and proof of concepts, which are being connected to the corporate structures and expanded step by step.


Joint article in Computerwelt, among others


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The TUI Group is the world’s leading tourism group and Europe’s largest tourism company, headquartered in Hanover. The large portfolio of travel agencies and online portals, agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and tour operators is bundled under one roof. With this offer, they provide over 20 million travellers with incomparable holiday experiences in 180 destinations worldwide.

Together we will also realize your next project!


Together we will also realize your next project!


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