5G Dialog 2023
5G Dialog 2023

5G DIALOG goes Industry – Future prospects for 5G

The tenth 5G Dialog took place on June 22, 2023. Under the motto “5G DIALOG goes Industry”, the diverse aspects of 5G were highlighted on this day! Topics ranged from campus infrastructure to Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) applications. The event enabled exchanges with experts and other companies to learn more about the areas of application of 5G for a wide range of industries. Thereby, our Sascha Hellermann, member of the board of COCUS AG, led various workshops together with other experts on site under the motto “5G DIALOG goes Industry”!

The workshops took a closer look at the technical challenges and areas of application for 5G technology. Sascha Hellermann guided the participating companies through the workshops as co-moderator in cooperation with Fraunhofer. Among the questions discussed were what challenges the industry faces from currently deployed technologies and what the future ecosystems and prospects may look like.

Meeting the responsibility for digitization with 5G

Many industrial applications cannot yet be realized due to the currently implemented technologies. The possibilities with 5G range from a wide variety of individual applications in the area of digitization and automation, to comprehensive mobile communication infrastructures, to Smart Factory & Co.

At COCUS, we believe that testing is the best way to help shape the future. At our location in Düsseldorf, we have set up a mobile 5G Lab based on our Open-RAN based 5G Packet Core. Together with our customers, we realize applications there to test and optimize use cases in a real environment.

During the 5G Dialog, both the various possibilities, opportunities and benefits of deploying 5G technology locally were worked out together. The focus was on the use cases of companies and industries from a wide range of sectors. To meet the digitization responsibility, the use of 5G provides a high-performance infrastructure that serves as a basis for the implementation of targeted applications!

We are happy that we were able to show insights and possibilities on site as experts on the various topics around 5G and are looking forward to the next event!

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