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B2Run 2023 – What a run! #togetheractive

B2Run 2023? Of course we are there! Our sports-affine COCUSians were successfully part of the B2Run company run on 23.05.2023. The COCUS teams were #toghetheractive and completed 6.2 km around the MERKUR-SPIEL-ARENA in Düsseldorf.

What is the B2Run company run?

The B2Run company run has been in existence since 2004, in which employees from various companies and institutions compete together to get active in sports. This event now takes place in 19 cities, including beautiful Düsseldorf, where our colleagues are based in Prinzenallee. We like to participate in this sporting event every year and enjoy the running route with beautiful views along the Rhine with a total length of 6.2km.

COCUS Community

As a warm-up, our colleagues were able to jog themselves fit and collect kilometers together in our COCUS Fit Community in the weeks leading up to the event. Then on Tuesday, 5/23, it was “Let’s go!”. At 18:30 and 19:00 the starting signal was given for our two groups of 10-15 people each as well as the other company teams.

After successful completion of the course, medals were distributed to all participants. Then it was off to the inside of the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA for refreshments. This gave the various teams the opportunity to talk with each other and end the evening together.

Congratulations on completing the B2Run 2023 company run and thank you to all participants for the good atmosphere and great memories! We look forward to next year and hope that our COCUS team will continue to grow and stay #togetheractive!

Joint responsibility

Just like us, the organizers of the B2Run are aware of their environment. They take responsibility by keeping the resulting environmental impact as low as possible from the outset and compensating for the unavoidable CO2 emissions. In addition, a tree will be planted for every team that participates in the B2Run! We are pleased to be able to support this initiative with our participation.

We are also actively committed to climate protection and donate money to Hessen Forst with our annual “Likes for Trees” campaign to support the reforestation of German forests. For this, the likes of our community on social media are collected throughout the year and converted into a monetary amount, which is then donated to the good cause.

Impressions from this year's B2Run in Düsseldorf

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