5G Partnership COCUS and FibroLAN

COCUS and FibroLAN guarantee 5G best performance

We are pleased about the forward-looking partnership with the telecommunications specialist FibroLAN. The experts in the field of fiber access technology and Carrier Ethernet services offer a comprehensive product portfolio that will be used in the 5G campus networks of our customers in the future.

Together, COCUS and FibroLAN are forming an alliance of the future to enable the 5G standard for every business. The advantages of the 5th generation mobile communications standard are the higher frequency ranges, the transmission of large data rates in real time and very low latency. These factors make 5G technology the mobile communications standard of the future and interesting for many companies that want to operate independent local networks.

FibroLAN, as a supplier of integrated access systems and solutions for carriers, service providers and mobile operators, offers many years of experience in the telecommunications industry and the special know-how on best performance in mobile hardware that our customers rely on. With this expertise, they support the network experts at COCUS with sophisticated switching hardware that are true high-performance devices for fronthaul and midhaul.

Local campus networks based on 5G enable the development of sophisticated Industrie 4.0 and IoT scenarios. Dabei heben sich die lokalen 5G Netze vor allem über die flächendeckende Abdeckung, die hohe Kontrolle und Hoheit über Daten und die anspruchsvollen Sicherheits­standards von bisherigen lokalen Netzen ab.

The future holds exciting possibilities for analytics, cloud and security solutions based on 5G – from augmented reality to maintenance with drones. Therefore, 5G campus networks are the perfect solution for mobile communication wherever the requirements for performance, range, mobility and security exceed the capabilities of existing (WLAN) networks.

We are looking forward to working with FibroLAN and to a common 5G future!

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