COCUS Benefits: 100% remote work

Professionally and privately, many things succeed better when you have the opportunity to work remotely – your job, your accompanying studies, your volunteer activities, but also your family life and your private hobbies.

We want to support our employees in better balancing their professional and private lives and therefore allow 100% remote work all year round and contractually guaranteed.

Office or home office? You decide!

Especially for areas such as software development, the home office work model is a good choice. Depending on the tasks at hand, however, it can also be helpful to know that you have company! That is why we do not fix the home/office days, but leave it up to our employees to decide each day anew between working from the home office and the office.

Work design with a view to the future

With our offerings, we not only pursue the goal of increasing employee satisfaction, but also the goal of living up to our social responsibility.

With remote work, we can conserve resources in everyday work through the regular use of information and communication technologies. Those who work from home save the commute and thus also reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we can contribute to the balance on the labor market, as our remote offering also enables us to tap into employees in other geographic regions. Long-tail with win-win!

Further benefits

In addition to remote work, you also benefit from flexible working hours with us – so you can live according to your biorhythm and organize your time and tasks as you see fit.

To get to the office, you can use our job ticket for bus and train or a personal job bike. By the way, dogs are welcome in the office!

Your mental and physical health is also an important concern for us, which is why we provide our employees with expert advice from meinEAP.

You are not convinced yet? Talk to us and we will tell you why COCUS is the right employer for you!

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