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COCUS Christmas Parties 2023: The end of an eventful year!

It’s Christmas time – and that means coming together for all of us! It’s great to see you all again in large numbers, especially in winter, when many of us are working from home more often. Together we had a wonderful, relaxed time above the rooftops of Düsseldorf and in the streets of Porto!

This year, COCUStars from our sites in Germany and Portugal were not deterred by the train drivers’ strike announced at short notice or the rain that was felt in the streets, and gathered at the location a sky bar above the rooftops of Düsseldorf and in Mercado do Bolhão.

Both parties offered a unique location: On arrival, most of our colleagues in Düsseldorf first marveled at the magnificent panoramic view of the city and the Rhine through the floor-to-ceiling windows or from the outdoor terrace. At Porto, people were enchanted by the vibrant atmosphere of Mercado do Bolhão, where we had a wine and tapas tasting experience hosted at Hugo Silva’s market stall.

We appreciate loyalty & efforts!

Every country has its own traditions, and so do we here at COCUS! We appreciate our COCUStars who make COCUS what is today globally.

As every year, the get-together in Germany was used to honor the COCUS jubilarians. Whether they have been with COCUS for 5, 10 or even 15 years – each and every one of them was thanked for their commitment. Our COCUS Executive Board also took the opportunity to thank the entire team for their contribution in 2023.

Adding to the excitement, the tradition of COscares continued in Porto! We proudly awarded ten COCUStars across ten categories, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the success and spirit of COCUS. Thanks to all of you!

COCUS Christmas Parties 2023: Great evenings among us

Everyone gathered at the lovingly prepared buffet in the Skybar to eat, chat and have fun with their colleagues in an informal atmosphere. 2,000km further on there was a similar happening at the Restaurant Além Mar with great food and chats.

COCUStars not only know how to successfully implement IT projects. The fact that the team also knows how to party was evident for the rest of the evening. At Porto, the location switched to the Porto Bar Maus Habitós, in Düsseldorf people danced the night away on the dance floor until late into the evening!

Looking forward to next year

We are glad that we have a great team spirit among our COCUStars and that we value each other not only as colleagues, but also as fellow human beings. On this basis, we are looking forward to an exciting 2024 and, of course, to the next Christmas parties.

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