COCUS at the Blockchain Event in Zug blockchain-based solutions

COCUS Introduces Blockchain-Based Solutions in Practice

Everyone is talking about blockchain: secure and fast transactions, automated transactions via smart contracts and blockchain as the basis for smart decentralization. But where do we stand today? What has already been implemented, what is the music of the future?

De la cruz beranek Rechtsanwälte AG invites you for an outlook to use cases and future applications, to Crypto Currencies, Smart Contracts and …? An exciting insight into use cases, safety problem areas and legal challenges.
One of the tasks of Sascha Hellermann from COCUS AG is the conception of tailor-made solutions in the field of digital transformation with a focus on blockchain and the Internet of Things. In this function, he has successfully implemented blockchain-based solutions in practice with the COCUS development team in various industries.

Sascha Hellermann also has many years of practical experience in the areas of IoT, telecommunications, software development and system integration.

Excerpts from the agenda:
• What does the Crypto Valley train bring us?
• In-depth insights into blockchain applications
• Blockchain-based solutions in practice
• Vulnerabilites and Security Topics
• Legal assessment of performance disruptions in the blockchain

Want to implement blockchain-based solutions in your business or learn more about them? Talk to us!
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