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COCUS paves the way to the B2B Metaverse

Hardly a day goes by without another press release from a company about new projects in the metaverse, because more and more companies are discovering the metaverse for themselves. Is this just a marketing stunt? What is really behind it?

Metaverse - who is it for?

Huge consumer and business markets are hiding in the metaverse in a wide variety of areas. Therefore, the move into the digital world is not only exciting for B2C companies, B2B companies now clearly need to think about how they can add value from Metaverse applications in different industries. The possibilities for exactly what this looks like for different companies seem endless: immersive virtual environments can enable new forms of collaboration within teams and with different stakeholders through a huge range of interaction options, digital twins are becoming even more precise in their simulation and planning capabilities, virtual presentations and experiential events are tying customers even more closely to products and the company. And that’s just the tip of the B2B Metaverse iceberg.

How do you create added value in the metaverse?

How exactly companies can gain a foothold in the B2B metaverse and benefit from the digital world is entirely up to the individual. This also means that each company must look at its own business processes and products to see if they are relevant to the
Metaverse are suitable. This analysis serves as the basis for all further steps and as the starting point for strategic planning into the B2B metaverse.

What sounds so easy, however, is usually a major challenge for companies. Therefore, we accompany our customers in the development of new business models and develop individual solutions for a successful implementation. Especially on the topic of metaverse, you will find the appropriate, interlocking core competencies at COCUS.

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Into the B2B Metaverse - with COCUS!

The COCUS 5G mobile private network is the appropriate infrastructure for real-time communication and data exchange in large volumes. Intelligent networking of sensors ensures that measurement data can be visualized in a new way for analysis and machines can be intelligently controlled in the same move. For a user-friendly and appealing implementation we use our know-how around user experience and user interfaces and design the entire user journey – so that in the end we can enable your way into the metaverse together!

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