Data Workshops: Do more with your data now

On your mark, get set, COCUS! We give the starting signal for your data journey. We now offer interactive workshops for your path to data success. In our three data workshops, we work together to identify the potentials and stumbling blocks of your data journey.

With our Crisp-DM Data Workshop, we create the prerequisites for a successful data strategy and lay the foundation for data-based decisions using the established Data Science standard process.

You can find out more in our flyer:

If you already collect a lot of data but don’t know how best to process it, you’re in good hands with our experts at the TableauData Workshop. We show how to get to know your data correctly and permanently and how to create self-service BI from it. Everything about the handling and efficient use of Tableau can be found in our flyer:

You can find out more in our flyer:

If you have questions about Data-as-a-Service, our Daas Data Workshop can help. Whether optimizing existing processes, uncovering new business models or monetizing the collected data – our experts will help you with the “how”.

Learn more about your data potential in our flyer:

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