Apostore & COCUS Digital systems

COCUS AG and Apostore GmbH now as partners in digital systems

Düsseldorf/Gelsenkirchen, June 10, 2020 – Inscribe is a new digital service from a medium-sized IT company in Düsseldorf, Germany, that enables contactless registration of customers and participants via smartphone. In this way, Inscribe provides a hygienic and privacy-compliant way to implement the countries’ Corona Protection Ordinance guidelines for the service industry. In addition, further information such as the provision of a digital service catalog is made possible.

Given the current distance rules that accompany public life, Apostore developed the digital stele for contactless entry control and waiting communication for pharmacies. With this digital admission control, customers can be informed contactlessly whether they can enter premises or whether admission capacities have already been exhausted. “Together, the digital butler and Inscribe are helping to prevent the spread of viruses,” COCUS CEO Sascha Hellermann and Apostore CEO Christopher Thielen are pleased about the strategic partnership.

Digital data collection saves time and effort for customers and users

In order to secure further relaxations around Covid-19 measures and to be able to prove chains of infection as seamlessly as possible, service providers* are required to record their customers’ data in encrypted form and retain it for four weeks as of May 11, 2020. In case of infection, possible contacts can thus be identified and informed.

“With Inscribe, this can be implemented easily and securely: by posting an individual QR code, which customers can scan contactlessly with their smartphone and enter their data in just one step. In this way, additional work and costs on the part of the businesses can be kept to a minimum. There is no need for pens, publicly displayed lists, disinfection, manual sorting by date and time, or document storage.” says Sascha Hellermann.

In addition, in the case of contact tracing, with just one click and secure verification of the service provider, a complete list of potential contacts can be provided to the health department in a GDPR compliant manner. This also eliminates the time-consuming search for the right documents.

"Customers' and participants' data is encrypted and stored in a GDPR compliant and can only be read using the key"

– René Kohlhaus, Head of IT Services, Apostore

"The data of customers and participants are encrypted and stored in compliance with DSGVO and can only be read with the help of the key"

– René Kohlhaus – Head of IT Services

Digital butler from Apostore as contactless entry system for access control for customers

While service providers are required to retain contact information, brick-and-mortar retailers must enforce regulatory requirements regarding minimum distance. Depending on the area of the shopping facility, only a certain number of people are allowed to enter the store area. This admission control means additional work for the employees or the employment of a security service. This is where Apostore’s digital butler can help. The Digital Butler is a future-proof multi-system that can be used for both contactless access control and customer self-service. Signaling and safety instructions are understandable across cultures and languages and convey a fair and transparent process to customers.

“With our Digital Butler, we now offer the right solution for pharmacies and retailers for the first important customer contact,”says Apostore Managing Director Christopher Thielen.

Apostore’s digital butler saves the time and manpower needed to admit patients, reduces the burden on the pharmacy team, and provides peace of mind at the same time.

Contact tracking and entry regulation to prevent dissemination

The use of digital personnel recording and digital inlet regulation helps to avoid the spread of COVID19. For this reason, COCUS AG and Apostore GmbH have come together as technological partners to advance digitalization, especially in the current times, and to support entrepreneurs with digital solutions. It is not only the service industry that can benefit from the use of the digital personal list, the digital butler or a hybrid solution. The use of the simple registration or admission procedure is also interesting for business locations, gastronomy, sports clubs and other leisure facilities.

How Inscribe works and what uses are available

Owners of service businesses can register via the web application and get an individual QR code for easy and contactless registration. The QR code can be posted in the store or displayed on tables. Customers scan this code with their smartphone camera and are then prompted to enter their personal data. This has the advantage that customers can quickly and easily register in the digital list without registration. Logging in and logging out via the smartphone automatically records the date and time. The data of customers and participants are encrypted and stored in compliance with DSGVO and can only be accessed with the help of the special and individual verification key of the service provider. In the case of contact tracing, a complete list of potential contacts, including residence times, can be provided to the health department with just one click. The collected data is automatically deleted after the specified period of four weeks. This digital solution eliminates the need for manual effort and the time and hassle associated with it.

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