Megatrend: Connectivity - what does that have to do with 5G?
Megatrend: Connectivity - what does that have to do with 5G?

Megatrend: Connectivity – What is special about 5G?

Connectivity – always being connected everywhere has become as natural to us as the air we breathe. We expect it to be always on and available everywhere. But this is far from being the case. Anyone who has tried to equip office buildings or production halls with connectivity down to the farthest corner can confirm this.

3G, 4G or Wifi do not cover everything by a long shot. Often, a mixed bag of previous technology options is used, which can present some challenges. This is because each of these standards has different hardware requirements. Particularly in remote locations or heterogeneous plant sites, connectivity difficulties or complete disconnections may occur, which must be resolved manually.

With the implementation of a 5G mobile private network, these connectivity issues can be avoided up front. But these are not the only advantages of the new technology!

What are the 5G benefits for businesses?
5G Performance
5G Schnelligkeit
5G Sicherheit

We can look forward to these and many more benefits in the future of connectivity. Companies should already start looking at the topic of the 5G mobile private network and take advantage of the opportunities of the future. There are many use cases for 5G!

5G mobile private networks are the perfect solution for mobile communications wherever the requirements for performance, range, mobility and security exceed the capabilities of existing (WLAN) networks.

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