5G Challenge
5G Challenge

MEO Empresas 5G Challenge – Innovative 5G Future Solutions

We were excited to be part of the MEO Empresas 5G Challenge 2023 in Portugal! The technological innovation competition promotes and rewards solutions that drive the digital transformation of companies and organizations with 5G technology. With our future-shaping own 5G connectivity and mobile private network solutions for industrial use cases, we were of course part of the competition!

Our solution for the future: 5G mobile private networks

As a solution provider with our own 5G mobile private network and connectivity solutions and 5G projects in automotive, logistics, seaports & other industries, we made it to the finals alongside 10 other solution companies. Real-world insights and project learnings as well as a deep-dive into our 5G Campus2Go solution were part of our pitch for the audience and judges of the 5G Challenge.

From hardware & software provisioning to commissioning and maintenance, COCUS provides ready to use turnkey 5G mobile private network solutions. With more than 20 years of IT expertise, we provide the greatest possible flexibility and security in 5G private networks enabling long-term scalability and extension.

Find below the recording of our pitch and learn more about our 5G connectivity portfolio. P. S.: If you are new to 5G mobile private networks, you can find a brief and compact summary about the functionality and use cases of 5G mobile private networks further down on this page

Thanks to MEO Empresas for having us and congratulations to the winners!

What are Open-RAN based 5G mobile private networks?

5G mobile private networks are private networks that are deployed and used exclusively on the user’s own premises. They enable reliable mobile network coverage with high capacity and low latency compared to Wi-Fi and cable solutions.

There are various approaches to deploying 5G mobile private networks. Among them, Open-RAN is an extremely flexible and dynamic approach in which the hardware is separated from the software. This allows standard hardware and software solutions to be deployed, extended and exchanged across vendors. Learn more: how Open-RAN based 5G mobile private networks work

Where are 5G mobile private networks being deployed?

Thanks to 5G technology, it is possible to deploy a variety of mobile devices and applications in confined areas for different use cases. Thus, for example, a 5G mobile private network solves the challenges with Wi-Fi and cable equipment in the IoT (Internet of Things) and IoE (Internet of Everything), respectively, and enables real-time communication and data transmission.

The need for deployment of 5G mobile private networks is multifaceted, as they bring benefits to many business-critical and flexible applications:

Want to learn more about 5G mobile private networks?

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