We’re moving! – Our new COCUS office in Porto

Time for a change of scenery in Portugal! We’re moving from Matosinhos to our new, modernised COCUS office in Porto in the heart of Vila Nova de Gaia.

This centrally located COCUS Office in Gaia complements our Portugal-wide design office repertoire, fulfilling the needs of our people and enhancing our overall workplace experience. Well connected to public transport, it provides space for collaborative workshops, meetings and co-working in company.

Our new location

Just in time for the summer season, we are settling into our new location in Gaia from July so that our employees can spend sunny working days in our new building. We are currently giving the office a COCUS look – here are some insights:

A flexible workday for our colleagues

At COCUS, our employees can work up to 100% remotely or on-site and choose when they start their working day! Every day, our colleagues from different countries can decide for themselves whether they want to work in our offices or from home, or both.

Settled within a modern building, our colleagues can choose to work in our private office in Porto or explore various co-working spaces around the building, including a stunning balcony with a river view.

We provide a job ticket for travelling to the office in Porto by bus and train. COCUS employees benefit from a subway station right in front of the office, which makes commuting easy and stress-free. Plus, with stores and restaurants nearby, lunch breaks and after-work activities become much more exciting.

Here's to a good time in Gaia!

We say goodbye to our old location in Matosinhos with many fond memories and are now starting a new chapter in Gaia. As a commitment to the well-being and professional development of our employees, our new office will be a hub of productivity and creativity. We are sure to have many more great, fun moments.

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