cocus mission ohne text
cocus mission ohne text

Our COCUS Mission – what we stand for

As COmpany for CUStomers, our focus is on creating added value for our customers and contributing to their progress with our digital solutions.

We develop innovative IT solutions with the latest technologies from the areas of connectivity, infrastructure, data and IT security. Our projects from a wide range of industries all have one thing in common: they add value to people, companies and industries and help to advance and connect industries – and that’s what counts for us!

Our COCUS Mission: Always and everywhere connected!

We see technology and innovation as a way to connect people and industries. Because we believe in a world where everything and everyone is digitally connected – fast, simple and lasting. Always and everywhere.

That’s why, as digital pioneers like you, we want to help our customers digitize their ecosystems with a holistic view and open the doors to innovation. From software, data and networks to complex infrastructures. We think big, start small and implement use cases quickly and pragmatically. To achieve this, we combine quality with transparency and agility:

Interdisciplinary experts

We are COCUS – IT enthusiasts, software experts, forward thinkers, digital doers and future shapers. With us, innovative digital solutions are created that move our customers forward. Lasting, scalable and with the highest quality standards.

The COCUS mission is our common goal, and we are working toward it throughout the company. Each of us offers alternative perspectives through professional expertise and experience. With us, everyone can continue their education, immerse themselves in new fields and become innovative.

Our cross-functional teams enable creative collaboration and generate the most diverse individual solutions. Every team member is an important building block and only together we can master our mission!

Transparency & Agility

With regular communication and close consultation we determine all important requirements and application fields of our projects. We work as transparently as possible on the development of the solution – it is particularly important to us to maintain an effective exchange of communication, both within the team and with the customer, so that the solution meets expectations and gladly exceeds them!

Feasibility & Quality

We always aim to combine feasibility with quality – this allows us to create low barriers to entry for the necessary ecosystems to enable sustainable solutions for our customers. Thus, together with and for our customers, we generate company-wide effectiveness based on automated digital solutions, end-to-end security and networking down to the last corner!

Flexibility & future perspective

Whether it’s rethinking business models or better managing day-to-day tasks, as companies and industries evolve over time, so should the associated technologies and investments.

With our customers, we develop digital solutions that adapt to the market and not the other way around! Thus, we enable scalability and create a flexible and lasting future. And we also offer a comprehensive support service afterwards, so that our customers can count on the long-term reliability of our solutions!

Through the diverse and varied assignments and targeted trainings, we build our skills and expertise and create development opportunities for our teams.

COCUS: Connecting Industries – Empowering Innovation

Stay informed and follow us

Stay informed and follow us

Have you already recognised the potential for 5G solutions? We are your 5G enabler and realise your use cases together with you!

Have you already recognised the potential for 5G solutions? We are your 5G enabler and realise your use cases together with you!