Sascha Hellermann at the Smart City Week

Smart City Week: Sascha Hellermann about the future of 5G

The network partners are a strategic cooperation of around 125 municipal utilities, regional and national energy suppliers from all over Germany, and innogy, which have joined forces in an unincorporated association. Together, they are committed to a safe and clean future and are also following modern approaches.

To create new innovation together, the network partners have called for a digital smart city week from July 14 to 16, 2020. Under the motto: “The future starts now – energy suppliers as designers of smart cities and regions”, exciting topics relating to smart cities and their possible further development were discussed. The presentations ranged under the topics: Big Picture and Looking to the Future, Experiences and Best Practices, and Digital Technologies and Business Models.

Smart solutions for smart people

Our board member Sascha Hellermann was invited to speak in the exclusive network of network partners and give a presentation on the future technology 5G. With his presentation “5G in practice – what advantages and opportunities does the new standard offer? Presentation and Use Cases”, he provided insights into the current development status and future prospects of 5G. He was also able to vividly illustrate how 5G and the Internet of Things are interrelated and how companies can benefit from new business models. He also explained the purpose and development of 5G campus networks.

Do you find this as exciting as we do? Feel free to contact us to learn more about 5G and its massive potential for the future.

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