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5G license: The key to complete and secure enterprise network coverage

Who needs a 5G license anyway!?
In many industries, it is now common to operate closed networks on company or factory premises. These are often industrial or office WLANs. However, if you want to keep up with the times and operate connected machines and applications, you won’t be able to get by for long with the capacities of normal WLAN networks. For the future and the implementation of Industry 4.0 applications, powerful and stable solutions are needed that operate seamlessly and have high security standards. A 5G infrastructure is suited ideally for this purpose.

The requirement for independent 5G infrastructures is a 5G license. These are distributed by the Federal Network Agency and enable the operation of private networks for corporate customers on local premises. The frequency range that is tapped is between 3.7 – 3.8 GHz and each frequency holder receives its own area without interference from other users. This way, measured areas or buildings plans can be defined that are to be fully illuminated by the 5G infrastructure. With the right radio network planning and the appropriate hardware, the network thus reaches every last corner!

According to the Federal Network Agency, since the start of the distribution of 5G frequencies, a total of 249 applications for the allocation of frequencies for local 5G networks have been submitted and 243 allocations of frequencies for local 5G networks have been granted by the Federal Network Agency. (Overview of allocation holders for frequency allocations)
What are the general conditions when commissioning a 5G license?

At COCUS, we have already submitted our application for our own 5G license in 2019 to help companies realize their 5G and connectivity aspirations and solve infrastructural challenges.

In our own 5G Lab and based on our 5G solution and the specially developed COCUS 5G Packet Core, we simulate various use cases for our customers in order to test and implement the ideal solution for them.

5G licenses can be applied for by any company that fulfills the framework conditions set by the Federal Network Agency. We know that this application process and all the formalities and radio network planning can be quite chaotic, which is why we are also happy to support our customers with any questions they may have about 5G.

The 5G license is issued by the Federal Network Agency and must come into use within twelve months, otherwise the license reverts back to them.

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Depending on the area and requirements of the area to be covered, a license fee for local broadband must be paid to the Federal Network Agency. This is calculated on the basis of the bandwidth in MHz, the term of operation and the area.

To determine your specific bandwidth needs, COCUS analyzes and recommends a suitable system design based on your intended uses. Contact us to learn more and implement your 5G campus network with our support!

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