Provision of a private 5G network for ZF test track in Jeversen for research & development of autonomous vehicles​

The 5G mobile private network from COCUS provides a high performance and stable transmission infrastructure for the ZF test track in Jeversen. A wide range of new technologies such as lane keeping systems, traffic jam assistants, highway pilots as well as fully automated solutions for connected driving are developed and tested. The private network enables real-time video transmissions & analysis of telemetry data securely and interference-free for efficient & effective product development.​

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Bild Referenzen_5G_ZF
Bild Referenzen_5G_ZF

„We are proud to have set a new benchmark with our 5G standalone campus network which enables ZF to quickly adapt the network to future technology changes, expand it to support new innovation and to help shape Next Generation Mobility. We are looking forward to continuing our close partnership with COCUS AG.“

– Dr. Rolf Reinema, Vice President IT Workplace, IT Infrastructure & Operations, IT Security

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