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Improving the CO2 footprint for a FMCG company (S&P 400) with data based insights of their global supply chain according to government regulations

For a global operating FMCG company (S&P 400), COCUS centralized and streamlined more than 30 separate transport & logistics data sources and silos into comprehensive and interactive self-service BI dashboards using Tableau. The dashboards show crucial sustainability aspects in terms of CO2 consumption and global transportation routes along relevant factors. This lays the foundation for optimizing transportation routes to reduce the global CO2 footprint.

Next to production processes, logistics processes have the most potential for CO2 reduction. COCUS helps to gain an overview of the current CO2 emissions based on the available data to optimize existing processes in order to achieve the regulatory goals. This enables data-based decisions to be made to optimise the CO2 footprint.

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co2 fußabruck
co2 fußabruck