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CTAC Containerterminals

Automation options at container terminals – CTAC24

We were on site from 17-18 April at the 8th Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC) in Valencia. CTAC is the leading European conference for container terminal operators. The event focuses on improving efficiency, sustainability and profitability across the industry. With already three implementations of a private 5G network from COCUS in German ports, we were looking forward to the exchange at CTAC and of course shared some insights into our realised 5G use cases for ports.

Here you can find out which advantages are being realised by the first container ports through automation. We share our highlights of the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2024 and exciting use cases for container terminals:

Trends and developments in the digitalisation of container terminals

The Container Terminal Automation Conference is the leading event when it comes to technological innovations in port logistics. Here, experts discuss the latest developments in the field of container terminals and related topics such as sea, inland waterway, rail and truck transport. This year’s conference focussed on the following topics:

The conference offered terminal operators and industry-experienced connectivity and IT specialists such as COCUS the opportunity to exchange views on current challenges facing container terminals. There was also an opportunity to discuss automation solutions used in practice.

Container Terminal Automation Conference 2024

Use cases for automation in container terminals

Container terminal and port automation offers extensive opportunities to increase time efficiency, productivity and safety. These and other benefits can be achieved through various technological applications and automated process optimisations:

COCUS digital solutions for ports & terminals

With COCUS, terminals and ports rely on innovative solutions to successfully implement automation, utilise it on a large scale and promote their efficiency and sustainability strategy. As a multivendor system integrator and solution provider, COCUS sets the highest quality standards for connectivity and digitalisation solutions to implement industrial use cases.

At the ports in Wismar, Havelport Berlin and Trier, the 5G Campus2Go network from COCUS enables the implementation of innovative digitalisation solutions and 5G use cases. From digital traffic control and analysis to the automation of remote control of ship loaders and vehicles – pioneers in the port industry show what is possible with COCUS. Learn more here

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