Digitale Lösungen für Häfen
Digitale Lösungen für Häfen

Digital solutions for ports: Third port to be equipped with private 5G connectivity from COCUS

With digital solutions enabled by private 5G connectivity, COCUS is setting sail for the digital transformation of ports. COCUS will equip the port of Trier with its private 5G network along with the first 5G enabled use cases. The port of Trier is the 20th implementation of the private 5G Campus2Go network by COCUS, and the third in German ports.

At the ports in Wismar, Havelport Berlin and Trier, the COCUS’ private 5G Campus2Go network enables the implementation of innovative digitisation solutions – such as remote control of cranes & ship loaders, automated bulk material measurement by drones or autonomous routes for trucks – which significantly increase the efficiency and process autonomy of the entire operation and supply chains.

Antonio de Carvalho

"With 20 years of experience, COCUS supports business in the logistics, production, and automotive sectors - from radio network planning to network operations and the implementation of end-to-end digital solutions. We are more than proud to be a leading provider for connectivity solutions for ports."

Antonio de Carvalho

Director 5G COCUS

COCUS is driving the implementation of digital innovations and comprehensive use cases for ports. Last year alone, COCUS doubled the number of private 5G networks rolled out compared to the previous year, which is due to customers’ trust in COCUS’ many years of expertise, project experience and partner network.

German Map 5G networks

The opportunities for ports – transforming operations

Ports have great potential for innovation and digitisation on their premises, but comprehensive network coverage is essential for respective implementation, especially for large and heterogeneous port areas.

Autonomously moving trucks, real-time dispatching, remote control of port cranes for efficient ship loading, intelligent bulk material measurement and site monitoring with drones are just a few of the possibilities that are currently being implemented at ports enabled by private 5G connectivity in a dedicated network together with COCUS to transform operations in logistics.

Pioneers in the port industry show what is possible

Ports such as the port of Wismar, Havelport Berlin and the Port of Trier are already working with COCUS to implement innovative use cases and solutions in their own 5G networks. Projects such as “PORTABLE 5.0” or “IHATEC – innovative port technologies” are also being funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport to test and expand various 5G enabled applications for German ports:

Seehafen Wismar:

As part of the PORTABLE 5.0 project, various use cases are being tested with COCUS as solution partner. These include process optimization in real-time scheduling with local companies, semi-automation of remote control of ship loaders and vehicles for timber transport from the port to timber manufacturers as well as the automated operation of drones for remote maintenance, automated bulk material measurement and warehousing. Video streams and telemetry data from vehicles and cranes on the site are transmitted secure and in real-time within the local network. Read more

Havelport Berlin:

Havelport Berlin is aiming for a digital test field for the extensive automation of its logistics processes. A digital yard management system will automate numerous logistics processes in the future. This includes optimizing truck deliveries, automating tasks in the port area and speeding up loading and unloading processes.

In addition, the automatic inventory monitoring of bulk goods using drones, the automation of the route between the port and the CT terminal and the facilitation of autonomous or semi-autonomous driving maneuvers in the port are also being considered. Read more

Hafen Trier:

The port of Trier (THG) is aiming to optimize & digitalize the traffic control and analysis of rail traffic together with COCUS, enabled by an own 5G network. A test field will be created for this purpose and the implementation of a 5G network will enable the provision of digital data transmission in real-time in order to implement real-time control & analysis of rail traffic in the future.

COCUS: solution provider, system integrator and network operator

COCUS is proud to be chosen partner to implement individual solutions for ports that not only digitize and unify the complexity of processes centrally, but also create transparency and operate autonomously and efficiently. Our private 5G networks offer stable and secure network coverage and enable the seamless integration of numerous IoT applications for individual use cases.

As a multi-vendor system integrator and solution provider with a strong international partner network for the implementation of a wide range of use cases, COCUS sets the highest quality standards for ports and companies in the logistics, industrial and automotive sectors with business-critical requirements.

With COCUS, ports rely on forward-looking technologies and innovative solutions to successfully drive their digital transformation. We are convinced that close collaboration with our customers and partners will continue to drive efficiency, innovation, and digital transformation in ports.

Connecting Ports – Empowering Innovation

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