Smart Manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2024: Trends & Insights

Smart manufacturing combines technologies such as big data, AI and robotics to drive data-based and automated operations in the manufacturing industry. We attended the Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2024 in Munich and gained a picture and current insights into current technology and industry trends.

After all, over 75% of companies already record comprehensive machine data in order to optimise their processes and save costs. As an IT solution & service provider with customers in industry and logistics, we are continuously expanding our expertise, this time on topics ranging from digital transformation & AI, digital assistance systems, massive IoT in industrial networks, automation and smart factories to predictive maintenance.

Importance of smart manufacturing for the industry

Smart manufacturing combines information, automation and technology trends to make production processes more efficient and productive. In particular, the intelligent use of data and AI will contribute to the optimisation of production processes. Data-based insights make production more flexible and cost-effective, automate processes and reduce machine downtimes by up to 93%, for example, with the help of fully integrable & scalable customised solutions and comprehensive connectivity.

A move away from traditional automation towards fully networked, integrated and flexible systems has been underway for some time – companies are now improving their production processes through automated optimisation measures and industrial connectivity for lower costs and a reduction in CO2 levels! We have already implemented a large number of advanced Industry 4.0 use cases for our customers: COCUS projects

Insights & highlights: Innovative technologies and trends in smart manufacturing

The Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit offered the opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest developments and best practices in the field of smart manufacturing through keynote speeches and panel discussions. We were also able to discuss current challenges and projects with industry leaders and experts from various sectors.

For us, the most exciting & relevant topics at the summit included:

The event also provided industry-specific insights into general manufacturing, automotive, IT and many other industries from our past and current customer projects.

COCUS x smart manufacturing

As an expert in digital solutions and connectivity, COCUS supports industrial companies in upgrading their database and data analytics strategies for decentralised and automated processes, networking and automating devices and workflows and ensuring greater effectiveness with customised solutions. From monitoring with real-time information to remote operations maintenance with drones, we realise smart solutions for a wide range of industrial use cases with our own industrial 5G network solution, COCUS Campus2Go.

Smart manufacturing – empowering innovation

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