Weihnachtsmarkt 2022
Weihnachtsmarkt 2022

COCUS Christmas Market 2022

Christmas “a little different” – at our own COCUS Christmas market on 08.12.2022!

Equipped with the warming COCUS socks from St. Nicholas, our CO-layers, their family members, partners and also dogs appeared in large numbers at our celebration. We were especially happy about Christmas sweaters and joint socks partner look!

With the active support of our COCUSians, we were able to create unique memories again this year. At the Düsseldorf location, we welcomed people with a drinks stand, food stall, jukeboxes as well as bar tables, heaters and seating. Fairy lights, poinsettias, fir branches and candlelight made the location a winter dream. For the cozy Christmas feeling, of course, the stately decorated Christmas tree could not be missing!

Opening of the Christmas market & congratulations

Gradually, all CO-llegen with escorts arrived at the built COCUS Christmas market and provided themselves with the first drinks and treats. From cocoa, mulled wine and punch to roasted almonds, flambé salmon, bratwurst, grilled potatoes, Schupfnudeln and waffles, everything was there, hmmmm!

As every year, COCUS also used the gathering to congratulate the anniversaries and to honor the years of work with gifts. We value the contribution of each individual, because that is the only way we function as a whole! Our COCUSians often describe working with us as “family-like”, we appreciate that and we are committed to keeping it that way.

Afterwards, radiant heaters and warm drinks provided a cozy atmosphere with cheerful Christmas music. The Christmas party was a great opportunity to chat and laugh boisterously in large company for the last time this year.

Impressions from the COCUS Christmas Market

Be sure to check out our video from the Christmas Market, where we’ve compiled all the impressions of the day:

...& Happy Ending!

The rest of the evening was spent by our COCUSians having a drink or two and talking. Glad you guys were there. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday!

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