Unternehmenscampus 5G
Unternehmenscampus 5G

5G mobile private network: We accompany you on the way to an independent 5G network

We know that implementing new technologies can cost a lot of time and money. That is why we developed our 5G Starter Kit – so that companies can benefit from the new 5G technology quickly and with low barriers to entry. COCUS’ 5G Starter Kit takes the 5G mobile private network from idea to reality in no time.

Our experts accompany you every step of the way, from the individual requirements of your company to the application for licenses and the construction and operation of the 5G mobile private network – we create your individual roadmap!

Your needs - your individual 5G solution

We start our collaboration already in the planning phase for your 5G mobile private network, so that you can soon get started with your own 5G use cases. The campus network solution offers the ideal fit for your business and keeps you agile for the future through our open approach. If required, COCUS will also take care of the operation, maintenance and support services so that you can always count on a reliable network.

5G mobile private network: Our roadmap for you

The joint elaboration of all important facts as well as requirements and use cases forms the foundation on which we start the development of the solution design.

We take all necessary measures to start the realization of your 5G mobile private network. This means: We initiate the radio network planning, support you in applying for a 5G license and select the appropriate hardware for you and equip you with the COCUS 5G package Core including application management and integration – and you can start using your campus network!

With dashboards, monitoring and analytics tools, we empower you to keep an eye on your network’s performance. We are also happy to build value added solutions for your own campus network. COCUS will continue to be available to you with its service on request.
What are you waiting for? Contact us to get started with your own 5G mobile private network today.

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