COCUS laptops for a good cause

The OpenRheinRuhr is a community with the intention of “Free Software” that hosts an event takes annually in the Rheinische Industriemuseum in Oberhausen. Several COCUS colleagues are an integral part of the program and support the exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Labdoo is also on site every year. Labdoo is a worldwide non-profit aid project that provides children and young people at home and abroad with access to IT and education with the help of IT donations. Donated equipment is refurbished and equipped with educational software before being transported to school projects.

At the last fair in November, a lot was donated again. Half of the devices came from COCUS alone. Now we have received the first information that our devices are already successfully in use in several schools in Ghana, Nigeria and Nicaragua, such as this one:

See here where our laptops are on the road.

Thank you again to my colleagues for the organisation! We are already looking forward to the next trade fair in November!

If you would like to donate your old laptops yourself or learn more about Labdoo: Labdoo

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