COCUS_blog_header_ sommerfest 2022
COCUS_blog_header_ sommerfest 2022

COCUS Summer Party 2022

At the beginning of September it was finally time: Our summer party took place!

At the beautiful sun deck, not far from our Düsseldorf office.

Fortunately, the name “sun deck” was also program on that day. So we enjoyed a very sunny weather overlooking the water during the whole event, wonderful! On site, however, our CO-llegium not only unwound, but also lent a hand…

A warm COCUS welcome

Arriving at the location we were first warmly welcomed. The entrance as well as the admission ribbons wore the colors gray & orange – that’s how you always get us COCUSians! When we entered, we could immediately rejoice, because after a long time finally many CO-llegs gathered again on site, altogether more than 100 in number, among them also CO-llegs who work for us from abroad.

Many of us therefore seized the opportunity during the first drinks to refresh the live exchanges with our CO-lagues, some of which had been long in the past.

Our CEO Oliver Hüttig also took advantage of the day to personally address the large audience again after a long time – and as befits the occasion, with a speech. Among them motivating words, congratulations & congratulations on offspring, private as well as professional changes and all that has happened in 2 years without events and personal get-togethers.

During the speech, our board members were able to casually lighten the mood. For the sake of acoustics, they stood against the blowing gusts as a wind barricade, so that Oliver could end his speech with the words “It’s nice that we have finally come together again and can create memories together!” and pass it on to the event staff.

The COCUS challenge!
With that, we moved on to the highlight of the day: A team-building game, which the organizer said would require cohesion across all departments.

The task: to construct a continuous path from a wide variety of materials to transport a metallic ball from A to B without interruptions. An XXL ball track, in other words!

Specifically, the sphere was to be brought over twelve sections using creative construction methods. Accordingly, twelve colorfully mixed teams have been put together and equipped with auxiliary materials. Each team has been assigned a section of the course where they should build a suitable, innovative passage for transporting the ball from pile to pile.

True to our day-to-day business, we understood the goal, analyzed the requirements, performed implementation planning, specified tasks, implemented, re-defined and finally tested. In practice, this means that some planned and controlled the construction, while others built or assisted with tools. Not to forget those who took on the responsibility of providing their team with enough drinks!

Team work, attention to detail and creativity have distinguished the final result, as the COCUSians have built a functional track with many unusual elements at top speed. Take a look for yourself:

The ball reached the target as hoped and planned. The successful entry of the ball and the masterful performance of our COCUSians was wonderfully punctuated with joyful cheers and applause and a confetti cannon. In addition, there was an extraordinary praise from the organizers of the team building, so far no company has been as efficient as COCUS!

Time to relax
After this challenge, it was time to move on to the well-deserved BBQ buffet – just the thing after this terrific team performance. The rest of the evening was spent by our COCUSians with a drink or two, conversation and fun activities.

We thank you for your motivated participation in the summer event and look forward to the next one!
Impressions of the COCUS Summer Party 2022

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