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3 Reasons for Custom Software Development

Most of the time, off-the-shelf software cannot meet every criterion that users want when deploying it. Sometimes these are just things that would be nice to have, but sometimes they are critical criteria that are mandatory.

Often, the search for alternatives then begins, or companies ask themselves whether they should have custom software developed for their purposes.

We give 3 good reasons why companies should opt for the customized software.

3 good reasons for Custom Software

Individual & goal-oriented

Custom software is tailored directly to the needs of the company. Unlike off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions, all of the company’s requirements are taken into account when deciding on individual software solutions in order to cover the necessary and required use cases.

This means that all required criteria are implemented during development and the software solution is geared towards efficient support of business processes and thus the success of the company.

Reliable & scalable

Custom-developed software is designed precisely for the company’s purposes and is accordingly independent of external providers. This means that it can be used for as long and in the manner desired by the commissioning company.

In addition, with customized software, it is possible to react more flexibly to desired adjustments. Here, the focus is primarily on individually developed solutions that are able to grow with the company and its business processes. Anyone who invests in customized software also invests in the company’s growth in the long term.

Software & hardware optimized

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software must always be tested among each other for compatibility with other software solutions in use and, in the worst case, can lead to errors and consequently to productivity losses. Custom software, on the other hand, is designed to integrate with existing systems to improve business processes.

In exactly the same way, the inventory of the current hardware equipment plays a role in the development of custom software. Here,it is ensured that the software is developed in such a way that a smooth implementation of the software is possible with the existing hardware, without incurring additional hardware costs for the company.

We at COCUS implement customized and future-oriented IT solutions for your company! We have the right solution for all your business success needs.

We practice agile software development to make the process as flexible, lean and transparent as possible, but also time- and cost-saving.

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