Impressions of the EU INATBA event
Impressions of the EU INATBA event

EU launches initiative to promote blockchain in 2019

Blockchain also arrives in politics. Therefore, the initiative of “INATBA” (International Association for trusted Blockchain Applications) was launched.

We are honored to be a part of this great progress as a founding member. COCUS CEO Oliver Hüttig and Sascha Hellermann were on site in Brussels and spoke to the founders.

What is the EU initiative INATBA?

TheInternational Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications is an effort to create the necessary regulatory framework for blockchain and DLT within a European framework. The use of decentralized technologies is in the foreground for this purpose.

The progressive European Communications initiative works collaboratively across 27 member states with 105 founding members to find the answers to blockchain and related issues.

As a result of various roundtables, forums and discussions within the Commission to develop an appropriate strategy to promote blockchain technology and distributed ledger.

COCUSis looking forward to working with the EU Commission and seeing what the future holds.

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