mysql erste schritte
mysql erste schritte

First steps with MySQL

“Low latency, high throughput” – this is the claim for database-based analyses, regardless of the amount of data.

In OLTP (Online Transaction Proccessing), i.e. the areas of social media, e-commere, FinTech, SaaS and others, there is complex, often machine-generated data where databases such as SQL cannot provide real-time analysis. Solutions such as ETL require a great deal of migration effort, pose problems when the data situation changes, and usually entail high costs.

The MySQL Analytics Cloud Service provides a straightforward, price-sensitive and high-speed in-memory solution.

All data that is entered and updated at SQL is stored on RAPID (Rapid Analytics Processing in DRAM) servers with filtering options. The RAPID servers are then automatically started and shut down by MySQL as needed, so that top-speed analysis is always possible.

Want to dig deeper into MySQL? Then check out our Live Data Webinar from COCUS and MySQL:

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