COCUS and Fraunhofer FIT build mobile private 5g network
COCUS and Fraunhofer FIT build mobile private 5g network

Fraunhofer FIT uses 5G

Seit Ende 2021 steht in Sankt Augustin das 5G Campus-Netz des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Angewandte Informationstechnik FIT. COCUS AG has delivered the 5G stand-alone network based on Open-RAN to explore innovative applications in the future, which are particularly exciting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Fraunhofer FIT aims to help shape the human-centered design of our digital future by developing practical 5G applications and their ecosystems for business. For this purpose, a partner was sought by tender last year to provide and set up the basic 5G technology for an indoor network in the FIT building. COCUS AG was able to position itself as a strong 5G partner for this projectwith its Open-RAN based solution. The delivery of the 5G Indoor Campus network already took place before Christmas 2021.

In addition to the indoor network, which illuminates spaces inside the FIT buildings, the researchers would soon like to test outdoor use cases. To enable outdoor coverage with 5G technology, the local 5G campus network will be supplemented with additional antennas and extended to outdoor areas.

Fraunhofer FIT brings 5G closer to German SMEs

The local 5G campus network serves as a development, demonstration and test environment for mobile collaboration support in office and industrial environments. The development is progressing rapidly, the first firmware update was already installed at the beginning of February and the testing of use cases is entering the next round. The focus is on innovative and viable services, such as 5G location solutions and the testing of 5G features that are of interest to SMEs. The diverse application areas cover a wide variety of fields and range from production and remote maintenance, BIM processes in construction, to electromobility, the Internet of Things, and mixed reality.

Fraunhofer FIT’s progress is bringing 5G applications and their ecosystems for SMEs closer in leaps and bounds, we are looking forward to the 5G future together!

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