MRK Media AG and COCUS AG as strong IT partners for 5G mobile private networks

At COCUS, we actively shape the future with enthusiasm, passion and partners. We are therefore particularly excited about our latest visionary partnership with MRK Media AG and the opportunity to further advance private 5G campus networks together.

The common understanding of corporate governance and business processes, structures and goals shared by both MRK and COCUS as a Company for Customers can be summarised as “understanding – vision – acting in partnership – success”. We are very pleased that MRK will support us in the future in the expansion of telecommunications, energy and transport networks, thus complementing our services on an equal footing to enable stand-alone local 5G campus networks on an open-RAN basis. Within the framework of the partnership with COCUS AG, MRK Media AG contributes its core business and the associated competences of radio network planning, radio network measurement and the supervision of construction measures. In addition, MRK would like to support its customers in the future in the realisation and implementation of campus networks by covering the entire value chain.

Strong focus on new technologies and strong partnership

Like COCUS, MRK Media AG is committed to a digitized future and, similar to COCUS, has successfully applied to the BNetzA for private 5G frequencies for local mobile private networks in 2020. Both partners have a strong focus on innovation and future technologies in the area of connectivity. The 5G standard enables networks based on it, fast download and upload speeds, low latency, more interference-resistant coding and assured bandwidths, applications that were previously reserved for wired technologies. In addition to further developed mobile networks, such a mobile digitalised infrastructure brings a multitude of new opportunities, especially for digitalised business models, for services and production of the future. COCUS AG and MRK Media AG jointly provide holistic support in consulting, planning, implementation and operation of the “COCUS 5G Campus Network” solutions and the applications based on them.

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Have you already recognised the potential for 5G solutions? We are your 5G enabler and realise your use cases together with you!
Have you already recognised the potential for 5G solutions? We are your 5G enabler and realise your use cases together with you!
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