COCUS at the Connect Conference 2021
COCUS at the Connect Conference 2021

Connect Conference 2021: COCUS was there

We were partner & speaker at the Connect Conference 2021! The conference brings together the Who’s Who of the telecommunications industry and is already taking place for the seventh time – this year, unfortunately, as a purely virtual streaming event due to Corona. The event was also a great virtual success and we would like to give a few insights into the COCUS presentation “COCUS Campus-Netz 2 Go – die schnellste Lösung für den Mittelstand”.

With our COCUS 5G mobile private network, we have created a solution for the industry, which we presented at Connect. And by fast solution, we don’t just mean fast implementation time, which is the time it takes to build a 5G campus network at enterprises, but also the fastest solution for enterprises to get familiar with the technology and the added value of 5G and discover the benefits of 5G. Above all, this also means that companies have the opportunity to quickly evaluate the individual added values that they can use for themselves in terms of digitization, automation and increased efficiency.

What is a 5G mobile private network?

A campus network is an independent, closed network in which companies can implement their own industrial applications. Stand-alone means that the companies build and operate their own network on the company premises, independent of a mobile phone provider. These networks are on a frequency between 3.7 and 3.8 GHz, which the Federal Network Agency has specifically approved for the operation of local 5G campus networks. With the bandwidth of 100 MHz, a top speed of up to 1 Gbit/s is possible for downloads.

Why do you need your own 5G mobile private network?

5G mobile private networks address challenges that are often not feasible with today’s standards. With existing infrastructures, it is not possible to lay cables everywhere. Sometimes the structural measures are so expensive that the effort no longer pays off. In such cases, a wifi network does not always help to provide the appropriate solutions. This is where campus networks come in, solving wifi & cable challenges for mission-critical, flexible applications. In this way, they meet the need for the ever-increasing requirements of Industry 4.0.

Why an Open-RAN 5G MPN from COCUS?

We are an IT company that has made a conscious decision to rely on Open-RAN and to follow the division of hardware and software that this gives us, rather than relying on traditional telecommunications technology. Instead, COCUS relies on standard IT systems and standard technologies that incorporate the expertise of more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. In addition, COCUS has decided to develop the Packet Core for the 5G mobile private network itself in order to provide an own product, “Engineered in Germany”, for the companies. The Packet Core is the component responsible for controlling and configuring a 5G network. As a software house, we have brought strong hardware partners on board in the form of Airspan and Fibrolan, who supply the necessary networks and RAN components and competencies.

We are already looking forward to Connect 2022!

Watch the full presentation on “COCUS Campus-Net 2 Go – the fastest solution for SMEs” from Connect Conference 2021:

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