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future technology 5g: For which industry is it particularly exciting?

Long before the new 5G standard was released, the whole world was already looking at possible applications and potentials for the technology of the future. For example, more than 18 different 5G-enabled smartphone models have already been launched in 2019. In the United States, the NFL has partnered with a major network operator to install the future technology 5G in 13 NFL stadiums. By the end of 2021, the expansion will cover almost all stadiums. Europe has also jumped on the 5G trend, implementing the 5G network at a much faster pace than for example the previous 4G rollout.

The greatest opportunities for production, manufacturing & logistics

The possible use cases and applications of this future technology are endless. These can be found in almost every industry. The manufacturing industry, for example, is especially under constant pressure to increase efficiency, reduce unit costs, remain competitive, improve quality, increase safety and maintain profitability. This is already being heavily pushed through lean practices and automation. However, even much more can be achieved with 5G, and the move towards Industry 4.0 brings even more optimization and saving opportunities. In addition, wireless, seamless and wide-area connectivity makes a big difference, for example, in autonomous flexible production in heterogeneous and huge production halls.

Industry 4.0 benefits in various areas from the future technology 5G:

Overview of the future technology 5g
Use the future technology 5G now

In particular, control over data and security is prompting industrial companies to explore private 5G mobile networks, or their own so-called campus networks / mobile private networks (MPN). Because a private 5G campus network allows the industry to define its own security implementations rather than relying on mobile network operators (MNOs). It also keeps confidential data in-house and protected from third parties.

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