We at COCUS have our own 5G licences

We have our own 5G private network licenses – but what does that mean?

The COCUS 5G private network license

We, COCUS, are long-standing IT enablers and telco partners. Thats why it was clear to us, that we will be one of the first to apply for our our own 5G private network license. Our application in 2019 was accepted and we are proud owners of our very own5G private network license from the German Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA). With this licence, we have set up a mobile COCUS 5G Lab on our office premises in Düsseldorf with our own OpenRan-based packet core. set upwith which we test and implement use cases with 5G technology. In this way, we simulate the various use cases for our customers and find custom-fit and, thanks to the open approach, above all flexible and future-oriented solutions for each use case.

What do 5G licenses stand for and what should be considered?

A 5G license involves specially allocated frequencies, each of which is issued for one property or building. These can be, for example, company premises, industrial parks, fairgrounds or forestry areas. The frequency range 3.7 – 3.8 GHz is intended for private campus networks. The full 100 MHz bandwidth or parts thereof in 10 MHz increments can be requested. Once the frequency has been allocated, use must commence within 12 months. The technology used – 4G or 5G, for example – is up to the frequency holder. If the 12-month period is exceeded, the frequency reverts to the BNetzA.

Initially, the frequencies will be allocated for a period of 10 years; an extension is possible. But only until the end of 2040, because on January 1, 2041, the use of the frequency band will be reorganized.

What do 5G licenses stand for and what should be considered?
5G private network licenses and frequencies

COCUS supports various mobile phone providers in many areas related to the nationwide network expansion and has been doing so for over 20 years. For us, applying for a licence for our own 5G frequencies was not even an option.

Would you like to know more about the application process? learn about 5G licences , know what the preparations look like and then build your own campus network? We analyse your bandwidth requirements during the planning process based on the planned use cases and recommend an appropriate system design.

As a 5G enabler, 5G licenses and private networks are our core competence and we implement them from A-Z. We look forward to build your own campus network with you!
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