5G Open-RAN Campus Network from COCUS
5G Open-RAN Campus Network from COCUS

Get to know 5G Open-RAN Campus network now

We are your 5G Digitization Partner for 5G Open-RAN Campus Networks

Why? Software development is our core competence. 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry make us network experts. Combined with our expertise in analytics, cloud and security, we serve any 5G use case – from augmented reality to drone-based maintenance.

We are helping to build our own Open-RAN based 5G campus network. From strategic planning to implementation and operation, we engage with you to understand your requirements and use cases to design a customized solution. This is followed by radio network planning by our team of experts and support in applying for licenses at the Federal Network Agency. According to the requirements, the selection & coordination of the hardware takes place, which forms the basis for the provision of the network infrastructure.

By providing our 5G Open-RAN campus network including our own 5G package core including application management & mobile edge cloud, the solution is rolled out at your site and is completely “future-proof” due to the open approach.

Dashboards, Monitoring & Analytics sorgen dafür, dass du durchgehend die Performance der Anwendungen und Prozesse im Blick behältst – und das in Echtzeit.Durch die Bereitstellung eines eigenen 5G-Paketkerns inklusive Application Management & Mobile Edge Cloud wird die Lösung für Sie ausgerollt und ist durch den offenen Ansatz komplett “zukunftssicher”. Through our services (operation, maintenance & support) we support you throughout the lifecycle of your new 5G solution according to your needs. In this way, we ensure reliable networking with end-to-end support.

Think big, start small!
The 5G campus network has many advantages

Grow with us and your 5G Open-RAN use cases: We take you by the hand and accompany you from the beginning to realize your use cases. From radio network planning to license application and provisioning of the network infrastructure, from Software as a Service to fully managed service – with us you get what suits you and your use case best.

Want to start small and feel your way around the topic? Licenses, SIM cards, COCUS Packet Core, antennas and go with our COCUS 5G Open-RAN campus network. You have big plans? We are your partner throughout the journey. Contact us if you want to get started with 5G!

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