Gigabit 5G Campus-Netz und Open-RAN
Gigabit 5G Campus-Netz und Open-RAN

Gigabit network rollout conference: 5G mobile private network & Open-RAN

On 21.03.2023 we were at the 5G symposium of the Gigabitbüro des Bundes in Berlin about 5G mobile private networks and Open-RAN. The meeting focused on the European directive of the national DigiNetz Act, which is intended to facilitate the efficient expansion of high-speed networks and drive the sharing of existing infrastructures.

In an interactive exchange with our Sascha Hellermann, the topic was how 5G mobile private networks can support this project, in which application areas they can be used and which advantages Open-RAN has in this context.

What are Open-RAN based 5G mobile private networks?

So-called mobile private networks are private networks that can only be used within a company’s own premises. They are so interesting and important because, compared to Wi-Fi and cable solutions, they guarantee complete and reliable mobile network coverage with high capacity and low latency.

Various approaches can be taken to deploy 5G mobile private networks. Open-RAN is a very flexible and dynamic approach. Open-RAN architectures separate the hardware from the software so that standard hardware and software solutions can be used, extended and exchanged across manufacturers. More on how Open-RAN based 5G mobile private networks work

Where are 5G mobile private networks being deployed?

The key technology 5G enables mobile devices and applications to be used for various use cases on the delimited area. Thus, for example, a mobile private network solves the challenges with traditional Wi-Fi and cable equipment in the IoT (Internet of Things) or IoE (Internet of Everything) and enables real-time communications.

The need for 5G campus networks is multifaceted, as they can be used to advantage for diverse mission-critical and flexible applications:

How do they help in the expansion of high-speed networks?

Due to the versatile application areas of 5G mobile private networks, campus network solutions support the expansion of high-speed networks. The Open-RAN approach also favors efficient deployment of new infrastructures by reducing dependence on proprietary solutions, increasing scalability, promoting interoperability, and strengthening competition among vendors.

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