Innovative Netztechnologien- BMDV Jahrestagung 2023
Innovative Netztechnologien- BMDV Jahrestagung 2023

Innovative Network Technologies in Practice – BMDV Annual Conference 2023

On September 26, we were once again invited to be part of the panel at the annual conference of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) “Innovative Network Technologies”. Sascha Hellermann, representing COCUS in the panel discussion, gave our assessment of how innovative network technologies can be brought into use in the best possible and uncomplicated way. Together with the other subject matter experts, we shared our experience on the current topic as experts in 5G mobile private networks and the corresponding realization of 5G use cases. We have recorded the most important points for you here:

What do 5G mobile private networks do for real-world applications and how can they be facilitated?

In our view, the question of how network technologies can be brought into use more easily already brings the answer for 5G mobile private networks! Knowledge about the added value of 5G mobile private networks must be shared by experts with customers and the application relevance must be made clearer. The central driver for the need for 5G campus networks is definitely the plans and requirements of a wide variety of industries for innovation, optimization, digitization or sustainability.

The current hurdle, therefore, is translating the technology into the relevant industry and customer requirements. For potential operators, it must be clear what added value lies behind their own 5G mobile private network. This includes understanding what autonomous, digital or remote applications are possible in 5G mobile private networks that would not be feasible in the Wi-Fi network, for example. Likewise, the long-term benefits of the company’s own 5G mobile private network for realizing and optimizing current and future 5G applications must become transparent.

How do we bring innovative network technologies into use?

To drive the realization of 5G use cases in practice, our 5G mobile private network experts share their knowledge, talk with contacts and customers together about the needs and challenges, and support our customers on site in the realization of a wide range of use cases. In addition, we provide practical insights on our website as well as at events and trade fairs on the current requirements, use cases and projects around 5G mobile private networks for sectors such as automotive, industry, logistics & Co..

Annual Conference 2023: Innovative network technologies

If you are interested in seeing how innovative network technologies can be transferred into practice, feel free to listen in on the panel discussion. Here you can learn more from Sascha and the other experts:

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