RFS 5G-Netz
RFS 5G-Netz

RFS optimises confined indoor connectivity with COCUS private 5G network

RFS is a specialist in reliable and long-service life connectivity systems with innovative cable solutions across the globe. Its advanced radiating cables achieve optimised performance at the highest frequency bands and allow for ultra-broadband wireless communication networks, particularly where awkward spaces make delivering connectivity a challenge.

Together with COCUS, RFS is innovating indoor and underground connectivity by testing and optimising cable-based 5G antenna systems within its own on-premise 5G network deployed by COCUS.


"The collaboration with COCUS on a connectivity system for undergrounds will enhance our current offering for future industrial projects and underscores our commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions across multiple industries."

Dietmar Brunsch

Innovations Manager RFS

Specific connectivity challenges of confined indoor areas - closed roofs, building materials, irregular & underground spaces

RFS’s portfolio of cables, jumpers, and accessories offers a wide range of options to suit diverse needs. RFS radiating cables are 5G-ready and can simultaneously deliver all commercial and mission-critical services up to 6 GHz with high performance. The solution supports a wide range of applications in different environments.

The joint project with COCUS benefits from the fact that radiating cables are optimized for 5G applications that require maximum throughput, as well as mission-critical applications that require maximum reliability. RFS solutions can be utilized to overcome industry-specific challenges across a range of vertical markets.


Warehouses require a mix of solutions for full coverage. Open loading bays need equipment for large spaces, while densely packed storage areas need a different approach. RFS combines a Passive DAS system for open spaces with a radiating cable solution for aisle coverage, ensuring robust connectivity for warehouse operations.

Manufacturing Facilities:

In manufacturing, mission-critical connectivity is vital for safety. However, providing connectivity in vast spaces with heavy machinery is challenging. Radiating cable solutions offer a way to achieve complete coverage despite machinery obstacles. RFS has successfully implemented this for global manufacturing clients.

Rail Networks:

Maintaining connectivity in rail tunnels and underground sections is a major challenge. Mission-critical communication over long tunnel distances is difficult. Radiating cables offer an efficient solution for ensuring complete coverage across these challenging rail network areas. RFS’s RADIAFLEX radiating cables are the technology of choice for more than 50% of Metros worldwide.

Industry 4.0:

Additionally, there is a growing demand for support in new indoor applications and manufacturing & warehouse use cases such as:

Where existing WiFi options struggle with latency, range, and performance limitations, 5G makes fast, reliable wireless connectivity a reality in the safest, most effective, and affordable way possible.

Goals of the joint project

RFS, in collaboration with COCUS as a long-standing digital solutions and connectivity expert, is focused on driving forward innovative connectivity solutions for confined and hard-to-reach areas. Together, several goals have been identified as part of the planned implementation of a private 5G network by COCUS at the RFS site in Hannover.

The main objective of the project and future activities is to overcome specific challenges in confined areas by offering secure, reliable, and interruption-free communication and infrastructure functionality in a 5G-based indoor system. In addition, the use of automated guided vehicles and remote maintenance in confined environments and hard-to-reach places will be supported.

Insights: Comprehensive 5G coverage at the RFS site

The starting point for future customer solutions using cable-based 5G antenna systems is RFS’s on-site Private 5G Network in Hannover. The development of this infrastructure showcases the innovative way RFS and COCUS solutions can be tailored to address the specific challenges of confined environments. The site will serve RFS’s manufacturing facility and also act as a testing and demo site to allow customers to trial best practice approaches for confined areas.

The project involves establishing an on-premise 5G network for testing and optimising cable-based 5G antenna systems. Initially, a 5G-capable MIMO cable setup to realise m2m communication with high bandwidth and low latency will be tested, as well as an outdoor measurement setup running on RFS’s radiating cable test range.

Looking forward, COCUS and RFS hope to explore additional potential cooperation opportunities to extend the success of the project, particularly around opportunities for underground rail tunnels and mining sites.

Expected Benefits

Connecting Industries – Empowering Innovation

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