Prozesse automatisieren HavelPort Berlin
Prozesse automatisieren HavelPort Berlin

Automation of the harbour area at HavelPort Berlin

Berlin is experiencing sustained high economic growth, and HavelPort near Wustermark is benefiting from this. Conveniently located on the Havel Canal, it offers optimal transport options for the capital region. It is also directly connected to the Hamburg terminals thanks to the inland waterway shuttle, thus covering two key economic regions in Germany.

In order to be able to react efficiently and flexibly to the increasing demands on the market, HavelPort Berlin, together with COCUS, is focussing on future-oriented technologies and comprehensive automation of its processes. The use cases range from automated loading and unloading processes to digital inventory checks of bulk goods using drones.

Automation and digitalisation as drivers of competitiveness

The aim of the project is to test and implement innovative digitalisation and automation of logistics processes in the port in order to meet the challenges of inland port operations, such as increasing cargo handling and a shortage of skilled workers. The collaboration with COCUS is intended to boost the port’s competitiveness and enable the testing of port innovations through a digital test field at HavelPort Berlin.

The project aims to continue to create an attractive working environment for employees in the long term. In addition, HavelPort customers should benefit from a significant improvement in process efficiency.


"Digital, automated processes will make our port more efficient, for us and for our customers. With the help of digital scales, for example, we expect to be able to increase the number of annual weighings from the current 25,000 to up to 40,000."

Dario Pietack


Use cases at the harbour site - More efficiency with increased handling volumes

At HavelPort Berlin, several process automations and digitalisations are to be tested with the help of high-tech, efficient applications:

Acceleration of logistics processes in the private 5G network

Various IT components will be used as the technical basis for the project: On the one hand, fibre optic cables will be laid on the port site and, on the other, a private 5G network will be set up via several antennas.

The use of drones is planned within the private 5G network, for efficient real-time inventory monitoring, among other things. In order to make the weighing process more efficient in future, a networked lorry weighing unit will also be set up. In addition, both wheel loaders and forklift trucks are to be equipped with weighing devices in the future.

For the HavelPort, as for other ports, comprehensive network coverage is essential for the automation of port processes, taking into account the large and heterogeneous area. Using 5G technology, data can be transmitted stably in real time and acts as a reliable and transparent basis for digital processes. HavelPort Berlin is already the third port to be successfully equipped with a private 5G network by COCUS: Digital solutions for harbours

Automate processes - Efficiently increase customer satisfaction

The joint project with COCUS gives HavelPort a competitive advantage in the inland shipping industry, where market pressure is generally high. The advanced technologies make it possible to react more flexibly and agilely to market requirements and at the same time increase operational efficiency.

Thanks to the effective management of storage quantities and real-time monitoring of bulk goods, HavelPort can provide its customers with precise information on stock levels at any time. The real-time monitoring and tracking of goods movements also enables dynamic work planning and organisation.

With new efficiency, HavelPort will be able to significantly strengthen its competitiveness in the medium and long term. The future of HavelPort Berlin is a smart, fast and secure port that is ready to meet the demands of industry and act as a trailblazer for other port projects.

Expected Benefits

Connecting Ports – Empowering Innovation

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