COCUS Webinar zu NIS2

Webinar: What is NIS2 – and why is it important for your business?

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, information security is a top priority for organizations of all sizes. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and reliance on digital infrastructure increases, organizations must stay ahead of the curve to protect their sensitive data and maintain customer trust.

Understanding NIS2 is critical to protecting digital assets and maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

What is NIS2?

NIS stands for the Network and Information System Security Act. This refers to the protection of computer networks, information systems and data from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, destruction or disruption. The overall goal is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems.

The Network and Information Systems Security Act 2 (EU 2022/2555) – NIS2 – aims to harmonize and strengthen cybersecurity within the EU, especially for critical infrastructure and companies of national importance. The EU member states must transpose the directive into national law by October 2024. Want to read a detailed blog about it? Check here.

We answer all questions about NIS2

In our webinar, we present exactly what NIS2 entails and what lies ahead for companies. We also refer to information from the German draft implementation. We also provide recommendations on how companies can best prepare now to avoid stress when meeting implementation deadlines.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in an increasingly connected and secure business environment.

Together, we can explore the possibilities of NIS2 and why it’s so important to your business.

Any further questions? Then make an appointment with us directly!

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