5G Campus2Go von COCUS in den VDI Nachriten

VDI News: COCUS Campus2Go in focus

Many companies think installing 5G campus networks is costly and time-consuming. Specialized system houses would have to plan, assemble and install the solutions on site. This can be costly and take several months. A local evaluation is usually not possible, since the installations must be customized. Once installed, the network could not be easily changed or used at another location.

But at COCUS we have long recognized these problems and, with our transportable and flexible 5G solution Campus2Go, we offer companies everything that meets the industry’s requirements for feasibility and performance of the 5G network: easy connection to the existing infrastructure, individual planning, maximum security, availability and quality.
Plus everything you need to set up and operate your own 5G campus network: expertise, innovation, new technologies and tools.

In its article “5G: In companies, small units are enough to test the technology at the beginning”, VDI Nachrichten highlights various 5G solutions and goes into detail about our compact solution, in which the standardization of the components refers not only to the hardware, but also to the software. We would like to say thank for the interview with our 5G expert Sascha Hellermann and hope you enjoy reading it.

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