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Agile Projects with COCUS: PSM, PSPO I & PSPO II certified

In our digital solution projects around connectivity, infrastructures, data and IT security, agile processes and the associated™️ skills of our employees are indispensable! With the knowledge and experience of our certified Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO I & PSPO II) and Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM I), we realise digital solutions quickly, agilely and benefit-oriented. But what exactly do the certifications actually mean?

The™️ Framework - Agile Project Work

The small, fine details and improvement requests in a project are usually only noticed after the final implementation. Since the initial project scope is not defined accordingly, additional customer and user needs are added later. We avoid such delays and unsatisfactory project results.

In order to implement digitization projects accurately, but also quickly, we work according to the™️ framework. In this approach, solutions are judged to be very successful precisely when the benefit from the project result for the customer is as great as possible. For this purpose, a short joint exchange is planned – and not only after, but in the middle of the development process! More about project work with the framework of™️

The key roles: Professional Scrum Product Owner™ & Profes­sional Scrum Master™

Our Professional Scrum Masters™ (PSM) keep an eye on the fact that the™ principles and practices are always followed in our internal and external projects. More about the 4 agile principles

Meanwhile, our Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO I & PSPO II) ensure that the development teams work towards the defined project goals. Simply put, PSPOs maximize the value of the project team and are the voice of the stakeholders there – so their skills are critical to project success:

The Product Owner's main responsibilities

The PSPO II Certification

The Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Level 2 (PSPO II) certification is one of the highest accreditations in the industry for product owners. It is recognized worldwide and helps individuals demonstrate their competence in product management using the™ framework. Here are some reasons why PSPO II certification is considered the best accreditation in the industry:

1. it validates advanced knowledge and skills: The PSPO II certification is designed for experienced Product Owners who want to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and skills in product management. The certification helps individuals demonstrate their ability to work with complex projects and deal with multiple stakeholders.

2. it focuses on practical application: PSPO II certification is not just about theoretical knowledge. It emphasizes practical application and encourages participants to apply Scrum practices in real-world scenarios.

3. it is recognized worldwide: The PSPO II certification is recognized worldwide and is highly valued by organizations using the Scrum framework. Certification helps individuals distinguish themselves in the job market and provides career advancement opportunities.

Our teams are always up to date with™️

We offer our employees regular workshops with different levels to build and deepen their knowledge of the™ framework. In courses lasting several days, we also prepare them for the official certifications from™️ – and with success, because many of our employees are now certified PSMs and PSPOs!

To become a PSPO or a PSM, a course and exam must be completed. The courses are conducted according to the internationally recognized™️ concept. The certifications “PSPO I” and “PSM I” reflect a good understanding of™ basics. A majority of our Product Owners and Scrum Masters are certified at level II, which means they already have an advanced understanding of™️. But even after the advanced certifications, we do not stop there!

Our Agile Com­munity

The we-feeling is in focus at COCUS, that’s why we support each other in our Agile Community to overcome challenges in projects. Everyone is welcome in our community: From inexperienced to the real pro. Regularly we come together from Portugal and Germany in different constellations to share our knowledge about agile practices.

Because as we all know, in the end you never stop learning. And only together can we create the enterprise-wide agility that allows us to think big, start small and move fast, in line with our COCUS mission!

Do you also want to think big, start small and move fast with us?

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Simona Ciocinta-Siquenique

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