5G Technology explained in 100 words
5G Technology explained in 100 words

5G Buzz – we now explain 5G in 100 words

5G is an evolution and a revolution that is already being implemented in reality. Here we explain what exactly the 5G buzz is and why it’s worth getting involved with it now:

What is 5G?

5 G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, which is ready as the successor to the proven 4G LTE technology. Key points of the 5G cellular standards are the evolution of the radio interfacewhich is also referred to as NR or NewRadio, and the highly flexible core network (Core). The basic core features of a 5G network are its high data rates, low latency, virtualization capabilities, and high security and reliability.5G campus networks are therefore the perfect solution for mobile communications wherever the requirements for performance, range, availability,mobility and security exceed the capabilities of existing (WLAN) networks. Read more here.

What can 5G be used for?

With the help of the new mobile communications standard, not only can people communicate with each other as a matter of priority, but also massive 5G IoT ecosystems are enabled, in which the communication needs of billions of connected devices can be served. The further development to the 5th generation of mobile communications therefore means the improvement of performance and also the laying of the foundation stone for numerous future technologies! This also includes many possibilities for making previously difficult-to-implement use cases in the “Internet of Things” a reality.

Why should you prepare for 5G?

With advancing digitalisation, the requirements for data acquisition and processing are also increasing in almost all economic sectors. Not only are more and more devices, objects and sensors being digitised and networked at the end customer’s, but also in Companies,businesses and infrastructures. Processes and products are involved across the entire economic value chain.This includes not only industry in the narrower sense, but the entire economy acrossall sectors. The agriculture, energy, health care, media industries with production, event and conference technology are just a few examples. If you want to benefit from the 5G buzz, you need to start preparing now!

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