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Digital list Inscribe for sports clubs

The days are finally getting longer again and the end of the second lockdown, long awaited by the clubs, is getting closer. By now it is possible again to do non-contact sports in the fresh air with up to ten people at low incidence levels and our digital list. As the potential for contagion continues to decline, indoor and contact athletes can soon hope to bring the sport back into their everyday lives with a lot of power. Many sports facilities and clubs have already used the forced break to revise their existing hygiene concepts and prepare for the eagerly awaited reopening with digital tools, such as the Inscribe digital participant list.

Secure and data protection compliant collection of personal data

To ensure that potential contacts can be identified and informed quickly and easily in the event of an infection, the personal data of attendees at many sporting events are recorded by the clubs. Often pen & paper is still used for this, which not only wastes paper, but also involves a high administrative burden and a risk to data protection. Since the hand-filled slips of paper are usually still kept openly visible to all subsequent persons, prying eyes of third parties can easily get hold of the personal data. Inscribe, as a digital list for participants, solves all these problems by dispensing with paper, recording personal data in compliance with data protection regulations and managing it automatically.

Using their smartphone, people attending sporting events can sign up for the clubs’ digital list of participants using posted QR codes. People from the same household can also register together by simply adding more people with one click during check-in. Due to the digitally generated time stamp, potential chains of infection can be traced more precisely and quickly in order to significantly limit further spreads. No outsider, not even COCUS AG as the operator of Inscribe, has access to the encrypted personal data. Only with the help of the access key, which is assigned to the data protection officer of the associations during the registration process, can the data be decrypted if necessary and forwarded easily and digitally to the health department. After a period of four weeks, the stored data will be automatically deleted in accordance with the DSGVO. This saves the clubs a lot of time, stress and administrative effort.

Clubs use Inscribe for digital participant registration

Many German sports federations already recommend the Inscribe digital list to their member clubs and provide their own instance in the federation colours together with COCUS. These include the sport association Rheinhessen the sport association Rheinland, the sport association Pfalz and also the bavarian volleyball association But even independent of an association, any club can independently address the issue of digital contact tracking and sign up for free with Inscribe to enable their members to safely participate in sporting events. The handball players from Hildener AT , for example, use the digital list for their safety and the TuS Treudeutsch 07 Lank e.V. also uses the digital solution.

Quickly, easily and contactlessly record personal data with Inscribe – for a safe season!

More on the use of the digital list Inscribe.
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