5G Packet Core
5G Packet Core

A must have for every campus network: 5G Packet Core from COCUS

We offer more than empty promises, and with us the path to new innovations really does become quick and easy.

We support every company to open up the benefits of a 5G mobile private network!

With our turnkey 5G mobile private network solution, we bundle everything you need to set up and operate your own 5G mobile private network: expertise, innovation, new technologies, tools, processes and production methods. So that every company can take advantage of 5G technology for themselves – without a lot of research and expertise. So that innovation can find its way into the company in the shortest possible time. For 20 years, COCUS has been supporting various mobile network providers in many areas related to network expansion in Germany and, of course, in the provision of 5G services. We want the path to the new wireless 5G mobile private network to be quick and easy. From any company, in a variety of industries!

"With our COCUS 5G Packet Core, any business, no matter how small or large, can benefit from innovation and gain new advantages from 5G technology."

"With our COCUS 5G Packet Core, any business, no matter how small or large, can benefit from innovation and gain new advantages from 5G technology."


What is the 5G Packet Core and what role does it play in the network?

At the heart of a mobile private network, the 5G Packet Core acts as a framework for authentication, security, session management and the aggregation of data traffic from the end devices. Among other things, it manages network usage, regulates data traffic, manages interfaces and keeps an eye on security.

Of course, this is only a small part of what a packet core can do for local networks and what advantages it offers. At COCUS, we have developed our own 5G Packet Core, which makes it easier for our customers to control the COCUS 5G mobile private network. This is because our autonomous 5G Packet Core solution can be customized to meet the needs of individual customers and industries. In this way, we ensure that the core network meets all the requirements for smooth data usage.

For the needs-based planning of the customer’s own 5G mobile private network on the customer’s premises, we prepare inventory analyses and design tailor-made solutions for network coverage that can be scaled and expanded at any time. This guarantees long-term benefits with the network!

Hardware requirements for 5G mobile private networks: 1-2-3 There is your mobile private network

As a 5G mobile private network provider, we not only bring new ideas and the know-how for a future with 5G technology in Germany & Co. but also the technology and hardware directly from our partners such as Airspan and FibroLAN. To enable an optimal system architecture, we source high-quality components from our long-standing partners in the telecommunications industry – another factor that our customer does not have to worry about. Because once the needs analysis has been completed, we bring the technology with us directly and take care of setting up antennas and hardware – until the new local network is up and running, with software and 5G mobile private network hardware!

Once everything is in place, the entrepreneurs will be operators of their own 5G mobile private network hardware and software, with all the trimmings, and can be sure of their network coverage. With Software Defined Network and Radio, enterprises benefit from real-time functionality through decoupled control of software and hardware. By operating in the Campus Edge Cloud (MEC), our customers gain unimagined control over processes due to the advantages of local data processing. The stand-alone 5G network thus enables new potentials without intensive effort! Because we take care of all eventualities!

Both hardware and software are crucial for the functioning of a 5G mobile private network. It is therefore impossible to say which of the two components is more important for the 5G mobile private network.

The hardware provides the physical infrastructure required to operate the network, including antennas, base stations and network components. Without the right hardware, it would not be possible to set up and operate a 5G mobile private network.

The software, on the other hand, enables the network to be managed, controlled and optimized. It is crucial for the provision of services and applications running on 5G mobile private networks and ensures efficient use of network resources. Without the right software, the hardware components could not work together effectively to provide an optimal user experience.

Overall, both 5G mobile private network hardware and software are critical to the successful operation of the connectivity solution and both aspects need to be carefully considered and developed to ensure powerful and efficient network coverage.

As a software and solution partner, we support companies in a wide range of industries from license application to the implementation of their own 5G solutions, including the 5G mobile private network hardware, software and optional support.

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