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COCUS Benefits: Dog-friendly Office, Feelgood Manager come on in!

Home office makes a lot of things easier – and that certainly includes the everyday life of dog owners. But is your decision to live with a dog necessarily linked to the transition to home office? Not for us, thanks to our dog-friendly office!

The everyday pieces in worklife with dog

Just the usual tasks with a dog take up several hours every day. It is especially stressful when a large part of these obligations arise at the end of the day because the dog is not allowed to come to work with you. If one is then even confronted with special situations such as the Potty training with puppies, cases of illness or separation fears, it becomes difficult to leave the dog alone at all.

Your dog enjoys your company anyway – and you enjoy his, too. So why not do the same at work? You would spend more time together and at the same time you can check off some of the daily to-do’s. Doesn’t that sound good?!

We offer you flexibility: combine office and home office!

Our dog-friendly office and the option of up to 100% remote work offer you many advantages to integrate your dog into your daily work routine. With us, you are flexible in how you divide up your (home) office days. Your dog is welcome to join our other Feelgood Managers in the office – but you are also free to work in your home office at any time.

Whether dog-friendly office or home office, you can be sure of one thing with us: You can pet your furry friend during the workday, play, provide him with treats and go for a walk with him. We are happy to make this possible, as it ultimately contributes to your flexibility, well-being and relaxation during breaks!

Dog-friendly Office: Getting the dog used to the office

Four-legged company come on in: We are always happy to have furry noses in the office! We all love having dogs on site for that little distraction in between. It is just as important to us as it is to you that your dog feels right at home with us. We now have a lot of dogs who are thriving in being Feelgood Managers! – Some of them were very nervous at the beginning and had to grow into their role.

With our new starters, new dogs also join us and have to get used to the office life. We know and understand that the completely new environment with unfamiliar dogs and people running around in a hurry can initially cause stress for the four-legged friends. As in many other dog issues, there is no patent remedy for this and you have to find out what works well for both human and dog.

So if your dog is also not yet familiar with the situation in the office, and needs time to feel his way around, that is totally ok! For example, you can come in for a few hours on quieter days and slowly increase. There are green spaces around the office, so you can go out for some fresh air at any time.

If you are already more confident in your dog, you can also start with whole workdays in the office. That is completely up to you – just like your step towards more work flexibility in everyday life!

Solve your everyday problems & start at COCUS!

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