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Projects for the development of software solutions should be well considered because, after all, they should be worth their investment costs and deliver the intended added value to the company. Software, on the other hand, that does not function in the application as once planned is more of a time and cost eater than a solution.

So before investing time and money in software development and implementation, companies should make sure that the concept or idea is technologically viable on the one hand and can be implemented under the individual company conditions on the other.

A software proof of concept (PoC) quickly provides clarity

To test the functionality of software concepts, companies can conduct a feasibility study. In the software sector, this is referred to as a “proof of concept” (PoC). This is an initial, working implementation of ideas or concepts to test and demonstrate feasibility, functionality and effectiveness. This is often done with the help of software experts.

The PoC can serve as a rapid basis for deciding whether and how a software project should be further developed or implemented. They are particularly well suited to the decision-making process for demonstration to potential customers, investors or internal company stakeholders.

Solid decision-making basis for project success

A PoC is useful in many different industries to overcome technical hurdles and identify the best solutions for the business. PoCs are carried out particularly frequently for the following use cases:

1. New technologies or frameworks:
When a company wants to introduce a new technology or framework, a PoC can help test the feasibility and effectiveness of that change. For example, a company planning to switch from a traditional database to a smart solution can use a PoC to test how well this technology works in practice.

2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning:
Companies looking to implement AI or ML-based solutions in their processes can create a PoC to test the performance of the algorithms and models. For example, a company looking to implement a chatbot solution for its customer support can develop a PoC to evaluate the effectiveness of chatbot conversations.

3. IoT applications:
If a company is planning to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) devices or sensors, a PoC can help validate the integration of these devices into the existing system and identify potential issues.

4. Cloud migration:
Companies looking to move their infrastructure or applications to the cloud can conduct a PoC to explore the potential of the cloud platform and identify potential risks and challenges. Organizations looking to move their application from an on-premise infrastructure to a cloud platform such as AWS or Azure can create a PoC to test the performance, scalability and security of the application in the cloud.

5. Mobile applications:
Companies that want to develop a mobile app can create a PoC to test the feasibility of the app, user acceptance, and interaction with back-end systems. For example, a company that wants to develop an app to sell products or services may conduct a PoC to test usability, payment processing, and integration with the inventory management system.

6. Big data analytics:
A PoC can help evaluate the effectiveness of Big Data analytics tools and techniques before they are deployed at scale. For example, a company that wants to invest in customer behavioral data analytics can use a PoC to test how well the analytics tools and models deliver the desired insights.

7. Security solutions:
Companies looking to improve their IT security can conduct a PoC to test the effectiveness of security solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems or antivirus software.

No "Proof" without "Expert"!

A PoC is designed to help validate the feasibility of a project faster, more efficiently, and with a higher probability of success. External developers have expertise in the specific technologies and industries that companies’ internal teams may lack. They also bring valuable experience from various projects they have successfully implemented in the past.

External software developers also have the advantage that they can be brought in as needed without the company having to make a long-term commitment to them. This keeps costs manageable and the company remains flexible in adjusting its resources. An external team can be set up quickly to produce the PoC expeditiously. In many cases, this helps projects to be completed and brought to market more quickly.

The external development team also helps to reduce the risk of errors or misdevelopments in the PoC, as they are familiar with the latest technologies and best practices. They bring an objective view to the project, as they are not influenced by the company’s internal structures and relationships. This can help identify potential problems or limitations early on and find creative solutions.

Our promise: We get you to the start of your project quickly

With an external review you actively contribute to the fact that your initial idea can withstand the real conditions and will correspond to the ideas and needs of your company. With the experts of COCUS, the risks of your project are minimized and the success of your software investment is maximized!

We strive for high quality software, set our own requirements very high and provide you with know-how and skills for multiple technologies, programming languages, tech stacks and expert teams to realize your business vision. With onsite, nearshoring or mixed teams in the same time zone, with fully integrated structures, processes, tools and environments. From 5G and IoT to Power BI and automation, we have 20 years of technology experience and are your partner for software projects.

Don’t wait any longer to get your software projects off the ground and take them to the next level. Take the initiative and review your software project! Contact us to start your success story.

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Stay informed and follow us

Have you already recognised the potential for 5G solutions? We are your 5G enabler and realise your use cases together with you!

Have you already recognised the potential for 5G solutions? We are your 5G enabler and realise your use cases together with you!