Webinar: Turn your business processes into real-time value for your business using Splunk

Another exciting COCUS webinar took place on 23.08.23. This time, we dove into the exciting world of data innovation. We explored the amazing capabilities of Splunk-based solutions, sharing our perspective on business processes and data-driven insights.

In the following webinar, you will learn how observing processes can provide valuable insights into daily process operations, thereby optimizing workflows and increasing efficiencies. This is especially interesting for those who deal with processes in everyday life.

Why Splunk for process optimization?

The world of Splunk-based solutions is diverse. We will show you how Splunk and Data solutions can answer questions at all levels – from real-time monitoring to advanced analytics to intelligent decision making. If you are curious about how data can be used to make better decisions and optimize operations, this webinar is definitely for you.

Our highlight: Real insights from practice

One of our highlights of the webinar is the success story of a German media group. They have used the Process Engine to dramatically improve their business analysis capabilities and increase operational efficiency. Our use case showed how powerful these technologies can be in practice.

We help you to improve your business

Whether you are a seasoned business process expert or just diving into this world, the webinar has valuable insights for your business. We offer you the opportunity to discover the hidden potential of your data and learn how to make the most of Splunk-based solutions.

The webinar is a great opportunity to broaden your perspective and learn about the latest developments in business processes and data-driven insights. If you missed it, you can watch it now and keep an eye out for future events to stay up to date. Together we will take advantage of upcoming innovations for your organization.

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