The private 5G network has many advantages
The private 5G network has many advantages

The private 5G campus network – what advantages does it offer?

Private 5G campus networks, or in English MPN – “Mobile Private Networks”, are already and will be an important component of many corporate strategies in the future. The concept of non-public networks is not new, but the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected assets is driving more and more businesses to embrace the opportunities that private 5G networks can bring them. This is because the fundamental core features of a 5G network are data rate, latency, virtualization, security and reliability. 5G campus networks are the perfect solution for mobile communications wherever the requirements for performance, range, mobility and security exceed the capabilities of existing (WLAN) networks.

This can be summarized into three main points: Coverage, Control and Security. And that for a wide variety of use cases.

The 5G campus network has many advantages


The 5G Campus network only transmits in a predefined area, but it covers the whole country. Whether it’s wasteland or a jungle of buildings, the signal from the 5G Campus network reaches even the furthest corner of heterogeneous terrain.

The 5G campus network has many advantages


In their own 5G campus network, companies retain control as campus operators. Private local networks are also separate and protected networks that have no integration with the public mobile network.

The 5G campus network has many advantages


A dedicated 5G Campus network enables industry to define its own security implementations, ensuring protection for process and production-related data. Access to the network from outside is thus prevented.

A 5G campus network makes the company itself the mobile network and network infrastructure operator on a dedicated site if it wants to have everything in its own hands.

Your 5G Campus Network

Want to run everything yourself, or maybe you’re looking for a fully managed service for your own 5G campus network? Our open approach allows full flexibility and integration into any ecosystem. You choose between Software-as-a-Service, Fully Managed Service, or something in between. Also, whether all data is in the cloud or on premise with you. We are happy to support you on your 5g journey!

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